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  • 3 generations of the Marchi Family, UK

    Marchi FamilyWe can't really say enough good things about Tanka and Ranji, our guides or the rest of the set up that enabled all 10 of our group to reach Base Camp.


    We will certainly recommend Experience the Himalayas to anyone else that I know is looking to undertake a trek.

    3 generations of the Marchi Family, 2013

  • Everest Base Camp Trek 2013

    Amanda Quinn 2My incredible trek up the audaciously breath-taking mountains of the Himalayas, where I met some of the craziest and unforgettably amazing people ever. Food cooked by the power of burning Yak Dung, relentless chocolate eating for energy, and fitness creeping upon me by the day! 


    No doubt, you will feel rather foolish for dropping yourself into such a massive challenge at one point or another. BUT I will tell you this, when you conquer base camp as a team, it feels jolly wonderful! Do it! ...and if you like popcorn, you will be just at home. They have it by the mule transported basket load. Mmm....

    Amanda Quinn, 2013

  • Everest Base Camp

    April Jones 2013There were people with varying levels of fitness, myself being the slowest of the group. It was nice that I did not feel pressured to keep up with the young fitter members...I had one of the guides walk with me and on many days the company of a couple of the others in the group who also want to take in the sights at a more leisurely pace

    April Jones, 2013

  • Everest Base Camp Trek 2012

    IAN wright EBCI had a fantastic time trekking up to Everest.  Thank you kindly, I enjoyed my guide's company, Dendi Sherpa was a delight to trek with, and so helpful.  Dipen who's company I really enjoyed, made my last two days in Kathmandu very pleasant (when I was initially thinking I would have rather have stayed up in the mountains)

    Ian Wright at Kala Pattar, 2012

  • Poon Hill Trek

    Johan and HettieWe would just like to thank you for your agency's excellent arrangements and all the support we received from you and your staff. Tanka was always reliable and attentive and he really knows his job.  


    The whole trek was a wonderful experience for us and it exceeded our wildest expectations. We will definitely recommend your agency to anybody who may be interested. 

    Johan & Hettie, South Africa

  • Everest Base Camp trek 2010

    butch - ebc

    It was a tough trek and I had some trouble with the altitude, but everyone suffers a little. The first few days were fun, the middle was okay, but getting up to Kala Pattar was just incredible! For sure this was the highlight of everyone's trip.

    Without our guide, Tanka, I am not sure that I would have made it up Kala Pattar. It's a steep last climb that's a killer and with every step I just wanted to give up. Tanka encouraged us all and without him I would have been the only one in the group not to have made it. I can't comment for all Experience the Himalaya guides, but Tanka was a great guy and a great guide. He kept the spirits high and everything ran smoothly.

    Paul Cassidy

  • Poon Hill Trek

    Maddy Baker black and whiteOur trip to Nepal was phenomenal.  The organisation was slick and Experience the Himalayas took into consideration all of our needs to ensure we had the perfect holiday.  The Annapurna mountains were beautiful and our fantastic guide and porter gave us a great insight to the culture of this wonderful nation

    Maddy Baker, UK

  • Poon Hill Trek


    I had just passed my LPC exams (solicitor exams) and wanted to do something completely off the wall that I would always remember. Nepal is world away from England, the people are lovely, the pace of life is slow, and the mountains are just AMAZING!!!! We stayed in basic tea house accommodations, but you just do not care as long as there is a cosy fire at night and a hot meal. The night is silent, the mornings are just tranquil. You contently eat breakfast with amazing mountain views, and chat to people from all around the world.

    The mountain people, porters, and guides come from simple villages and are kind and sincere. It's a warm interaction that we often lack in the western world. For me it was more than just a holiday, it was a kind of social vacuum that enabled me to completely reassess my life. The Buddhist monks said I was in a "period of consciousness," but I am not sure what this really means.

    Experience the Himalayas is a great company; it's well organised and has fantastic staff. We were in a small group and trekked at our own speed and had loads of fun every day. The Himalayas are just stunning and everyone has to go someday - I am definitely going back!!! 

    Emma Smalley, UK

  • Annapurna Base Camp trek


    The trek was wonderfully relaxing in that it allowed me time with my thoughts, while also remaining challenging enough to keep me interested and motivated. Although I'm fairly fit, climbing six mountains a day can be difficult, so resting and stretching periodically at the teahouses over a warm fire, nice conversation, and some lemon, honey, ginger tea was a big must. Plus, there's nothing like a big bucket of freshly heated river water to bathe your bones in after a few days. I think I probably got the most restful sleep of my life during most of those nights. 


    The mountains were also a great reprieve from the chaos of the capital and from the pressures of normal life as well. The trek boasted unique and breathtaking views of the lush mountain greenery I was longing to emerse myself in, and all the people we met along the way were all super friendly. Pokhara was also a really awesome little lake town with a manageable selection of shops and a nice variety of goods, restaurants, and things to do. I'd highly recommend this trek and Experience the Himalayas! Amanda P, USA

  • Poon Hill Trek

    beef and bully

    It was amazing - the mountains, the people, and the culture! I have never been to a poor country and I was a little apprehensive but all this adds to the experience. If you want a different type of holiday this is it!




    David Bulcock, UK

  • Poon Hill Trek

    Neil BoswellWe massively enjoyed our trip and had the most incredible time - all the people were a delight, the country fascinating and beautiful.


    This was a holiday that I didn't want to end and was very sad to come back from and the Himalayas somewhere I would love to go back to and would have no hesitation in booking another trip with you. It was a brilliant holiday.

    Neil Boswell, UK

  • Lantang and Gosaikund Lake Trek

    It was a very well organised trip from the moment I left the airport, the trekking was fantastic and tanka and his team were superb!

    Full of knowledge and always at hand to make sure i would have a memorable holiday even after they had done a very hards days work.

    Arron Wallis, UK


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