Everest Base Camp Trek

Follow in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and take on the world's tallest mountain. Guided by the legendary Sherpa, you will trek to Everest Base Camp for truly spectacular views of Mount Everest and the Himalayas.

A porter on the Everest Base Camp TrailCouple hiking in Himalaya Mountains in Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek

For an epic adventure, take on the world's tallest mountain and trek to Everest Base Camp. You will experience mind-blowing Himalayan views of snow-capped mountains and huge glaciers, the rich and vibrant Sherpa culture, and stay in tea houses in remote mountain villages. This is the most famous and well-known trek in the world.


A small airplane will fly us from Kathmandu to Lukla, the magical gateway to the Everest Region. On board we will have an excellent view of Mount Everest and the Himalayas.  Out of the 18 days of the trip we will spend 14 days in the mountains trekking, which includes 3 acclimatisation days where we will sleep at the same teahouse and altitude as the previous night. Most companies only include 2 acclimatisation days, but our itinerary means almost everyone routinely makes it to Everest Base Camp. During the acclimatisation days, you have the option of exploring remote villages, putting your feet up and relaxing, or doing a side trek for the day in the surrounding mountain trails. 


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However, you should note that the trek is physically difficult due to the altitude, so make sure that you are in fairly good condition prior to leaving.


We stay in hotels in Kathmandu and sleep and eat in the remote tea houses in the mountains as we trek to Everest Base Camp. Due to the altitude, the nights can be cold; however, there is nothing more refreshing after a hard day's trekking than sitting around the roaring fires in the teahouses enjoying a warm drink in a relaxed atmosphere.


Mount Everest Region

When trekking to Mountain Everest, the tallest and most famous mountain in the world, you will be following in the footsteps of famous mountaineers on their quest to conquer the highest peak on earth. The locals refer to Mount Everest as "The Goddess Mother of the World", a reflection of the sheer size, beauty, and power of this mammoth mountain.



Mount Everest Terrain

The Mount Everest region is largely composed of rugged terrain and awe-inspiring views of the dramatic mountain range, Nepal's largest glaciers, ice falls, high altitude lakes, and ancient monasteries. There is an abundance of teahouses with good facilities (you will not usually walk more than an hour without passing one) as well as hospitable Sherpa communities. Here you can experience the rich culture and way of life of elite mountaineers and Mount Everest experts.


Everest Base Camp Trek and Kala Pattar

Contrary to popular expectations, there is no view of Mount Everest from Everest Base Camp. The spectacular views are actually seen from Kala Pattar. First we will trek to Everest Base Camp to see the tents of mountaineers preparing for their ascent, and then we will trek to Kala Pattar for the highlight of your trek.

  • DURATION18 days
  • TOUR TYPEGroup & Private
  • LEVELDifficult
  • MAX HEIGHT5445m
  • SEASONSJan to Dec
  • GROUP SIZE2-14
  • COUNTRYNepal
  • PRICEfrom $1273 *

    * Excludes international flights

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5 Reviews
19 days ago
Amanda Quinn
My incredible trek up the audaciously breath-taking mountains of the Himalayas, where I met some of the craziest and unforgettably amazing people ever. Food cooked by the power of burning Yak Dung, relentless chocolate eating for energy, and fitness creeping upon me by the day! No doubt, you will feel rather foolish for dropping yourself into such a massive challenge at one point or another. BUT I will tell you this, when you conquer base camp as a team, it feels jolly wonderful! Do it! ...and if you like popcorn, you will be just at home. They have it by the mule transported basket load. Mmm....
19 days ago
Paul Cassidy
It was a tough trek and I had some trouble with the altitude, but everyone suffers a little. The first few days were fun, the middle was okay, but getting up to Kala Pattar was just incredible! For sure this was the highlight of everyone's trip. Without our guide, Tanka, I am not sure that I would have made it up Kala Pattar. It's a steep last climb that's a killer and with every step I just wanted to give up. Tanka encouraged us all and without him I would have been the only one in the group not to have made it. I can't comment for all Experience the Himalaya guides, but Tanka was a great guy and a great guide. He kept the spirits high and everything ran smoothly.
29 days ago
Lauren Kettle
We had a brilliant time with Experience the Himalayas. We were looked after so well and didn't really have to think about a thing! Our guide and our porter were absolutely brilliant and really added to the whole experience. I wouldn't have changed a thing and totally fell in love with Nepal.
29 days ago
Madeleine Baker
Our trip to Nepal was phenomenal. The organisation was slick and Experience the Himalayas took into consideration all of our needs to ensure we had the perfect holiday. The Annapurna mountains were beautiful and our fantastic guide and porter gave us a great insight to the culture of this wonderful nation