Nepal Trekking Seasons

There are 2 main trekking seasons in Nepal; October to November and March to May

October to November

October to November is the start of the dry season and is the most popular time to visit Nepal as the monsoon has recently finished, leaving a green and lush countryside, fresh and clean air, and clear views of the Himalayan.

December to February

In December and January the temperature is very cold but visibility is still good. With fewer tourists on the trails, this is a preferred time to visit for some tourists. However, the cold can make high altitude treks more strenuous than normal.


Some treks, such as the Annapurna circuit, are often closed due to snow, but shorter and lower altitude treks are a delight at this time of year. February is still very cold but is warmer than December and January.

March to May

March to May is the second most popular time to visit. The weather gets warmer, so high altitude treks are not as difficult. Visibility is still good, though not as crystal clear as between October to November. Nepal's flowers, however, come alive at this time of year.

June to September

Trekking in the monsoon season is still a good option but this restricts our recommended trekking destinations to the Everest Base Camp Trek or the Annapurna Circuit Trek. As there will be less rain on these 2 treks you will not have to worry about leeches. For more information please click here