Tea House Accommodation

What is a tea house?

When trekking we will be staying in tea houses. Tea houses are basic and clean guesthouses made from stone and wood and typically they have rooms that have two single beds inside with a shared bathroom outside the room. Below is a picture of a basic tea house and depending on the village we will often stay in tea house of a slighthly better standard.


 Typical tea house

The beds

Each bed comes with a clean sheets and a clean pillow case. A blanket or duvet is provided but these are not always clean so it is better to use your sleeping bag. You can put the blanket or duvet on top of you sleeping bag if desired. If you are not using a sleeping bag please make sure you use a sleeping bag liner for hygiene reasons.


tea house room

Electricity and heating

Tea houses have electricity and lights but most probably you will not have a light in your room. A central fire in the common room provides warmth by burning wood and yak dung. The fire is closed with good ventilation so you do not need to worry about smoke. If you have wet socks you can often dry them on or over the fire.



Almost all tea houses provide hot water for showers. Some tea houses heat the showers by gas and others heat the water by solar power. In tea houses that use solar power there is not always enough hot water for everyone in the morning. However most trekkers have a wash or shower only in the evening after a day of trekking.


On the Everest Base Camp Trek tea houses charge a small fee for showers. With altitude this fee increases and can reach £3 when you are staying at very high altitude. On the Annapurna Circuit the showers are free at the beginning but tea houses start to charge at higher altitude up to a cost of £2. For all other treks the showers are free. These shower costs must be paid for by the trekker and this is common practice.




Many tea house have western toilets but you must use your own toilet roll. Generally there is a bin next to the toilet for you used toilet paper, if this is the case please do not put your toilet paper down the toilet.


Food and drink

Food and drinks are ordered and consumed in the common room of the tea houses. Each tea house has a menu and the prices are fixed by the community. As the altitude increase so do the prices. For more information please see the food section.


tea house table 


Which tea houses do we stay in?

We can only reserve tea houses on the day we need them. If the trails are busy we will send a porter ahead to reserve rooms for the group. Otherwise we will select one of our preferred tea houses when we arrive in the village.


typical tea house 2