Sustainable Tourism

We support sustainable tourism by showing our staff, the environment, and the locals the respect and gratitude that they deserve:


Taking care of our staff

At Experience the Himalayas we take care of our staff. We ensure that all of our guides and porters receive fair wages, have trekking insurance, have sufficient training and experience at elevated altitudes, and have the appropriate clothing to perform their duties. We also ensure that all of our staff is of an appropriate age to perform their duties, and we stand firmly against child exploitation.


Historically, there has been extensive exploitation of porters. They have been made to carry too much weight, been paid unfair wages, and have been exposed to the elements without adequate clothing. To ensure that we are doing our utmost, Experience the Himalayas has adopted the recommended policies of the International Porter Protection Group, a leading organisation fighting for the rights of porters and guides.


Supporting the local economy and paying fair prices

It is our company policy to pay the teahouses where we stay, eat, and take refreshments the recommended prices set by the Nepalese Government. We do not accept offers for discounts or free accommodation in exchange for our custom.


Environmental care

On all of our treks we ensure that rubbish is disposed of correctly whilst trekking or later in the cities. In an effort to promote responsible tourism, we discourage our clients from drinking bottled water and encourage the consumption of boiled and purified water.  In some parts of Nepal it is prohibited to sell bottled water and we respect this.


Employment of locals

When trekking we predominantly employ local porters to ensure that we are supporting the local economy. All porters are Nepalese.