Food on Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, and other treks

What can I eat in the mountains?

For breakfast you have the option of porridge, fruit, omelettes, pancakes, toast with fried eggs, or tsampa (Tibetan porridge). For lunch and dinner you have the option of dahl batt (a tasty staple that consists of rice, a lentil soup, pickled vegetables, and curried potatoes), curried potatoes, pasta, spring rolls, lasagne, noodles, momo dumplings, or stir fry. It is not recommended to eat meat in the mountains.


Where can I buy and eat food?

The tea houses where we stay when trekking also have restaurants where we will eat dinner and breakfast. For lunch and snacks we will visit tea house that we know and pass along the trial. 


How much does the food cost?


Food prices on the Everest Base Camp Trek are the most expensive in Nepal as the tea houses on the Everest Base Camp Trek are very remote and food has to be carried up the mountain and / or flow from Kathmandu.


food prices 



Tap water is not safe to drink in the mountains. To help prevent contamination of the environment, we discourage tourists from drinking from plastic bottles especially when in the mountains. Non-plastic bottle options include:


1) Drinking boiled water from teahouses.
2) Drinking ginger and lemon tea to reduce the need for water consumption.
3) Purifying tap/river water using a chloride pump, iodine, or chloride tablets. The taste of the tablets is not appetising, so it is recommendable to use a dissolvable vitamin tablet to add flavour.