Flights to Kathmandu from London & Delhi

You need to arrive in Kathmandu on the first day of your trip and you can arrive at any time. We will collect you and take you to your hotel.


There are many ways to get to Kathmandu so please search with a flight search engine such as to ensure you get the best deal for you.


Below are some recommended options based on price and convenience. The price below are estimates based on 2013 prices.


London to Kathmandu via Istanbul and Saudi Arabia: £500 return

If you are flexible with dates the cheapest way to get from London to Kathmandu is to fly with Easyjet to the Istanbul airport of Sabiha Gökçen. From Istanbul you can fly via Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) to Kathmandu with Air Arabia and this takes 12 hours in total. Expect to pay £500 round trip but some people manage to pay less.


For those travelling from other European countries this flying from Istanbul could be a good option.


London to Kathmandu via Delhi: £700 return

From the UK we recommend flying from London Heathrow and flying with Jet Airways as this give you the shortest flight time and is well priced. You will fly to New Delhi (no visas required for transit) and then take a connection to Kathmandu. 


Kathmandu flight table


We recommend the Heathrow flight at 8.45pm as this flight arrives in Kathmandu at 3.30pm local time the following day, which is a perfect as it give you time to rest before we go for a welcome dinner. We recommend returning from Kathmandu on the 9.00am flight from Kathmandu. The Air India flight is also a good option


London to Kathmandu via Mumbai: £600 return

Jet Airways offer flights via Mumbai to Kathmandu at around £100 to £120 less than via Delhi. The main reason is that the total travel time is 30 hours compared to 12 hours. This could be a good option for the budget traveller.


Visit Delhi and then fly to  Kathmandu with a low cost airline: £600 return

Some trekkers visit India before arriving in Kathmandu and you can get to Delhi from London for £500 or less based on 2013 prices.


The airlines below provide flights from Delhi to Kathmandu and expect to pay £50 each way with the two low cost providers stated below (based on 2013 prices).


Buying a flight to Delhi, and then buying another connecting flight to Kathmandu, can often be an economical way to get to Kathmandu even if you do not want to stop off in India.


No India visas are required for transit flights. However if you arrive in Delhi with one airline, are in transit, and intend to get a connection with a second airline to Kathmandu, you need an Indian visa to check-in your luggage with the second airline. One way to bypass the need for an Indian visa is just to take carry-on luggage and rent a sleeping bag and trekking poles from us.


Flight tables