Bloghttp://www.experiencethehimalayas.com Living Goddess Kumari Tradition Lives On in NepalThere are plenty of myths surrounding gods and goddesses and even mystical beings. The most famous of all is the Greek and Roman mythology that have been the centre of study for most literature students. Life and Future of Child Widows in NepalPeople associate Nepal with Mount Everest, the focal point of the Himalayan Mountain Range, Buddhism, amazing scenery, and fantastic trekking. Some people see the beauty, the slow pace of life, monks in red robes, and assume that due to Buddhism everyone is happy and content with life even though they live in one of the poorest and least developed counties in the world. The stark reality is that Nepal has a dark side. You Need to Know about trekking to Mount Everest Base CampGoing on an adventure is exciting and fun for many people especially when they go hiking or trekking in the mountains. One famous destination for avid hikers, trekkers, or even adventure seeking individuals is Mount Everest Base Camp. inconveniences along the way. Sickness in Mount EverestTrekking is considered as a fun and exciting challenge for most people. The higher the goal is, the better as it gives them a sense of great achievement. One of the most popular destinations of avid trekkers is Nepal, the home of Mount Everest and the Himalayas. One of the most common sickness people experience while trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp is altitude sickness, however this only generally occurs above 3000m. Pride of the HimalayasTrekking the Himalayas is not the only courageous act people can see in Nepal as the mountain peaks are also a home to a race known for its fearlessness. The Gurkha is an indigenous community from Nepal who served the regional army and braced a throng of enemy soldiers before unifying the Nepal that people see today. Their name was taken from a town named Gorkha where the Nepalese kingdom grew. The Gurkhas are known for their bravery and toughness in the battlefield regardless if they have the upper hand or they were the underdogs. Adventure Awaits at the Mount Everest Base CampFor those of you seeking to have an epic adventure, Mount Everest Base Camp and the Himalayas are a perfect destination. Nepal is very famous not only for its colorful and rich culture but also because of the mountain peaks that and trails that pose a great challenge to all trekkers. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world and reaching the Base Camp on a 14 day trek would bring satisfaction to anyone who undertook the ambitious challenge. in Nepal Tourists are attracted to Nepal because of its rich and colorful tradition and culture. Besides Mount Everest and the Annapurna region, which proves to be an ever increasingly popular tourist and trekking destination, many people visit the Himalayas to enjoy all aspects of the country including its religion. and the HimalayasMyths and legends are usually popular in the mountains and the Himalayas is not a stranger to these stories. One of the most popular myths known to many people came from Nepal where a huge creature roamed Mount Everest. Known as the Yeti, people in the Himalayas believe in the existence of such a creature even if the absence of convincing evidence. Nepalese Food TraditionWhether you are planning on a sightseeing trip in Nepal or an adventurous trek to Mount Everest Base Camp, you need to become familiar with the food tradition practiced by the Sherpa’s and the people of Nepal. It is a good chance for people to try different delicacies that are native to another culture. But before embarking on their journey, it is better if tourists are prepared for what’s in store for them in the food department.’s Battle against Poverty and InequalityDespite Nepal being the home of the Himalayas Mountains and other captivating tourist’s spots, the nation is still battling against poverty and inequality to Visit Mount Everest for a Trekking TripVisiting Nepal for a trekking trip to Mount Everest is exciting especially for first time travelers. Nepal boasts of its rich culture, accommodating people, and captivating scenery. But when is the best time to go? and its Hydroelectric Power PotentialPlanning on a Himalayan adventure trip? Get to know more about Nepal before you start your preparation. Girls and Slavery in NepalDespite the colorful culture and spectacular lands, Nepal has a 90-year old tradition that has affected the lives of many people. Today we look at slavery amongst the Kamlari girls.’s equipment when climbing Mount EverestIn 1953, the western world was attracted to so much comfort. TV sets blared with black and white comedy variety shows as families sat on the couch are the Sherpas in Nepal?’s Relationship with China and India a trek to Everest Base Camp your new years resolution? economic safe water? Base Camp Trek and Altitude Sickness Everest base camp trek is considered as the most fascinating and longest trek which involves high altitude. an enjoyable trip to Poon hill trekIf you want to do trekking in Nepal but don’t want a long trek then you can simply prefer to short treks. about 16 days trip to Annapurna Circuit Before planning any trek, it is important for you to be familiar with the basic concepts involved. Nepal witness increase in visitors even after EarthquakesNepal is safe for tourists after earthquake, you can plan for trekking in Nepal. in Nepal- Explore treks at adventurous mounts of Himalayas Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries and it has grabbed the attention from trekkers across the world. tips for first time trekking in NepalIf you love adventure and are craving to trek on Himalayas without having an idea where to start then consider experts advice. Popular treks in Nepal Nepal is richest country known as hometown for eight top peaks which are from the top ten across the world. about Everest Base Camp Trek Mt Everest is one of the tallest mountains in the world and it is right to say that Everest is more than mountain season for Nepal trekking What is the right season for Nepal trekking? It is probably common question asked by visitors who are just willing to explore the beauty of nature at high mounts to expect on a trek to Everest base campNepal trekking is being one of the best choices for tourism and there are a number of incredible views to explore. Much Everest Base Camp will Trek Cost You?Before going to trek anywhere, the first thing that strikes your mind is the cost of travel package trip around Kathmandu in Nepal Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and the valley is full of historic sites, ancient temples and fascinating villages you want to know about Annapurna Circuit trek Annapurna circuit is a popular trek among tourists throughout the world in Nepal Guide- 2015Every year endless people would prefer to spend their holidays trekking in Nepal. ultimate tips for planning your trek in NepalWhen it comes to planning a trek in Nepal then you need professional tips to have a wonderful trekking experience Base Camp Trek vs. Annapurna Circuit Trek – Complete Guide If you are planning for trekking in Nepal then it will be somewhat tricky to pick one of the right trekking options–-complete-guide/Customs, Clothing & Accessories for Nepal Trekking When it comes to Nepal trekking then there are number of things that you should consider in order to maintain health and safety A Eco-Friendly Travel In Nepal When we talk about Nepal then it is one of the beautiful countries which reside in the lap of nature Buddhist Festivals in NepalNepal is known as land of mountains as well as land of festivals and Trekking Guide 2015Nepal is the largest country which attracts the people for tourism and let them to have a enjoyable experience Fun with Annapurna Family Trek If you love adventure then Annapurna is the most beautiful and highest region in Nepal which is popular among trekkers due to many reasons Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek If you love adventure and want to enjoy a trip that is surrounded by richness of nature then this is time to go for Everest base camp trek & Safety Tips - Before and While Trekking in Nepal Are you planning a trip for trekking in Nepal? Knowledge is power especially when it comes to trekking to mountains of Himalayas in Nepal with ChildrenNepal trekking has captured attention from almost everyone across the world as it is perfect choice to create a wonderful memory and to enjoy amazing trip on the highest peaks The Land of Adventure SportsNepal is the wonderful city and it has captured interest from the trekkers across the world the Colourful World Of Nepal With A Adventurous Trip Nepal is one of the beautiful countries which has captured attention from the people across the world Ready For Incredible Trek In The Nepal? If you are planning for trekking in Nepal then this is time to get ready to enjoy this amazing trip One Of The Reliable Trekking Agency If you love adventure or want to enjoy adventurous sports in Nepal then this is time to prefer trekking in Nepal, a great choice Nepal Trekking Is The Best Choice For Holidays? Nepal – A Wonderful country with ultimate options for sight-seeing and trekking with friends or family Nepal Trekking Information Trekking is the term used from long time and today it is being highly acceptable for many tourists across the world a Beautiful Experience Of Peak Climbing In Nepal Peak climbing is the most sophisticated and challenging activity to be performed when you visit for Nepal trekking Pokhara and Enjoy City Of Lakes And Caves Are you ready for Nepal trekking? There are number of things to do in Nepal and number of exotic places to visit Jungle Safari in Nepal If you love adventure then don’t miss to visit in Nepal, a richest country offers a number of options to enjoy To Trek In Nepal? Nepal is the land of high-hills, mountains, rivers, caves, and incredible jungles in Nepal Nepal – A richest country with ultimate geographic and monasteries has captured interest from the tourists Details About The Everest Base Camp Trek Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world so Everest base camp is being the most popular trekking route in the world Fun With Whitewater Rafting In Nepal Whenever you visit Nepal to enjoy holidays then don’t come back without having fun with whitewater rafting Ways of Tea House Trekking In Nepal Nepal trekking is the most common choice for trekkers as they can enjoy adventurous travel to the high mounts Nepal is World’s Best Destination for Trekking? Nepal is the wonderful country with ultimate geographical variations and it is known as hometown for the eight peak points across the world and Don’t in Nepal TrekkingNepal trekking is the most popular choice among the tourists who are just willing to enjoy adventurous holidays in Nepal