When to Visit Mount Everest for a Trekking Trip

24th July 2013

Visiting Nepal for a trekking trip to Mount Everest is exciting especially for first time travelers. Nepal boasts of its rich culture, accommodating people, and captivating scenery. Besides these wonderful characteristics that Nepal has, it is also the home to one of the most prestigious mountains in the world -Mount Everest. Going to Mount Everest Base Camp can be very daunting especially for those who would take on the trip as a vacation and not as a professional hiker. Sherpas are available to help visitors climb the summit and there are accommodations to provide comfort for the travelers.

All preparations can be done beforehand to minimize hassles and delays during the trip proper. It is highly advisable to schedule months ahead so that travelers can cover all the bases starting from the transportation, accommodation, insurance, money matters, and itinerary. One of the most important decisions that people should make when planning on a trip to Nepal to visit the Himalayas Mountains is the date. Not only will it help them plot the duration of their stay and set in stone the reservation details, but it would also give them an idea on what to expect during the trip. While there are trips that visit Nepal all year round, there are specific months that are recommended, highly recommended, and discouraged. The months would guide visitors in knowing if they would enjoy their stay or if their plans would go to waste because of the climate.

Weather is the biggest adversary that tourists will encounter during their trip. A sudden change in weather can cause delays in travel plans such as with the planes and even through land transportation. It will also prevent people from admiring the scenery especially if there is low visibility. A too hot or too cold temperature will also be uncomfortable for the travelers, which will prevent them from enjoying their stay at the mountains. It is highly advisable for visitors to take note of the possible months in which they can visit the mountains without having problems with the weather.

The highly recommended months to visit Nepal for a trekking trip to Mount Everest Base Camp are October to November. These months are perfect for travelers because the monsoon has just ended and the dry season has started. The scenery is visible as the air is clean and not foggy so people will enjoy looking at the different terrains of the countryside. Because of the ideal weather that October to November present, the Himalayas is frequented by the most number of visitors during these months compared to the whole year.

Another highly recommended time to visit Nepal is during the months of February to April. These months are ranked as the second most popular time to visit Nepal. There is still a steady flow of visitors during these months although not as many as those traveling during October to November. The temperature is warm during this time compared to the previous colder months so tourists can get more comfortable. The sceneries can also be viewed clearly, although it is not as visible compared with October to November.

The months of December to January and May to June are not recommended for travel but some people still visit Nepal during the earlier months of December and January. A few tourists visit this place so if travelers do not want a crowded vacation then they can schedule their trips during this time. However, they should be prepared with the extreme cold weather. They can still see the scenery and the place around them but not as clear during the warmer days. High altitude treks are also discouraged during this time, as the cold weather would make the climb hard and dangerous for visitors. Tourists might be restricted to lower parts of the base camps.

While December and January can still be tolerated albeit the restrictions and the extreme cold weather, the months of May and June are not recommended for travel. The extreme dry and hot weather will make the trip impossible and the monsoon has just begun during these months so it will be more dangerous if people pursued their trips during this time.

Knowing when to depart can help travelers keep their companions safe and prepare the necessary details that would make their trip exciting and comfortable. It would also prevent delays, emergencies, and problems along the way so it is strongly advised for future travelers to scout for travel agencies that would give them the necessary information to help with the trip. These travel agencies also provide packages that cover flight details, accommodation, and insurance. Most agencies also give dates that are safe and most convenient for travel.

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