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With Everest Base Camp trek, Buddhist monasteries, glaciers, farmed terraces, and a strong sense of culture and identity, the Himalayas are an amazing trekking destination.

Join an open group trek and make new friends or create your own private tour and choose your own start date!

  • Man Trekking In Everest National Park

    Everest Base Camp Trek

    Follow in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and take on the world's tallest mountain. Guided by the legendary Sherpa, you will trek to Everest Base Camp for truly spectacular views of Mount Everest and the Himalayas.

    Everest Base Camp Trek difficultDifficult5445m 
  • Annapurna circuit, nepal

    Annapurna Circuit

    Experience a wild spectrum of cultures, alpine pastures, forests, waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers, Tibetan settlements, apple orchards, lakes and the mammoth Annapurna Massif. The trail loops around Annapurna Massif for magnificent up-close views from every angle.

    Everest Base Camp Trek difficultDifficult5416m 
  • Annapurna Poon Hill Trek

    Take a week off work to experience fantastic Himalayan views of snow-capped mountains, alpine forests, tranquil mountain villages and natural hot springs. It’s perfect for those looking for a 1-week break to relax and recuperate from the daily stresses of life.

    Nepal trekking EasyModerate3232m 
  • Royal Bengali Tiger, Royal Chitwan National Park

    Poon Hill Trek & Jungle Safari

    For the perfect Himalayan getaway, combine the Himalayas with a jungle safari and see the tigers, rhinos, elephants and other wildlife of southern Nepal.

    Nepal trekking EasyModerate3232m 
  • Annapurna Base Camp

    Trek to Annapurna Base Camp amidst mind-blowing views of majestic mountain ranges with snow-capped peaks, glaciers, alpine forests and farmed terraces. It’s perfect for those wishing to take a 2-week adventure getaway.

    Nepal Trekking to Lantang and trek mediumStrenuous4130m 
  • Taj Mahal, India

    Golden Triangle of India & Poon Hill Trek

    Combine vibrant India with the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas! Experience New Delhi, the Taj Mahal (one of the great wonders of the world) and the majestical pink desert city of Jaipur. Then trek in the Himalayas with mind-blowing views, tranquil villages and stunning scenery!

    Nepal trekking EasyModerate3232m 

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91 Reviews
over a month ago
Michael Houseknecht
Fantastic, Unbelievable, incredible and everything else you can come up with. I`m from Arizona, and the girls are from Chicago, we expected a lot of service and help, well we got it. So, the entire experience eas great from the first call to Experience The Himalayas. David Cassidy, called me right back and fielded all my questions. The trek operator Bijay Neupane, who was very attentive with the girls and I. We landed in Kathmandu at all hours in the night and Bijay was there to collected us and take us back to the hotel. We had dinner the next night to complete our trek orientation. Bijay and our guide Kumar Gautam who in my opinion is the very best of guides, both worked very well together to bring us the very best private trekking experience possible, I know we were not easy but, I wanted this trek to be focused on the girls being able to have the very best trip. Kumar picked up on that and was an absolutely enjoyable man. I wanted to make his laugh my ring tone. Our guide Kumar was most excellent in every aspect, from spotting wild life to all the history of the region from Everest to Buddhism. I felt like Kumar was famous he was known all up and down the trail. He got us on the plain to Lukla and to base camp and Kala Plattar and back. He served us every night and made sure we were comfortable. We played a lot of cards. I found that we shared the exact same upper end Tea Houses that the other bigger outfits were using. I never lost a thing Kumar was very good that we collected all our items, I would have lost something without him. Why anyone would pay the price of the big outfits is beyond me, you don’t have to pace your hike to a crowd of other trekkers that you will meet anyway in the tea house every night. I seriously think we found the very best trekking company Nepal has to offer in Experience The Himalayas. Bijay , Kumar and the rest of the crew were very professional, nothing was left to questions we will be back to trek the Annapurna. This is the time to go everything is wide open and the US $ has a good exchange rate at $104, Nepal desperately needs every bit of money that they can get and this is a good way to give it. My hats off to Experience The Himalayas for a trip of a life time. Oh one more thing don’t go to Nepal without spending several days in Kathmandu.
over a month ago
Natalie Zenner
You guys are awesome!! From Bijay and his exceptional service and making sure we were squared away from start to finish to Kumar our guide who was just great in every way. Thank you Kumar for taking care of us and sharing all you did about the mountains, people, and culture. I learned a lot and will never forget my trek to Everest Base Camp. Thanks for making it a memorable experience. -Natalie Z.
over a month ago
Fantastic, unbelievable, incredible and every thing else you can come up with. being from Arizona and the girls from Chicago we expected a lot and got it. So the entire experience was great from the first call to Experience The Himalayas. David Cassidy called me right back and fielded a lot of my questions. The trek operator Bijey Neupane, who was very attentive with me and both the girls, he met us at the air port set us up in a very nice hotel and took us out to dinner. Bijay and our guide Kumar Gautam who was the best, worked very well together to give us the very best private trek we could ask for. We grew very fond of Kumar and his superb knowledge of the region I know more about Buddhism and Hinduism faiths now then I ever did. I felt like Kumar was a famous guy he knew the teahouse house owners and we were in the same tea houses that the big western out fits were using. Why any one would go with a western company I don't know, so much more expensive for what you get. The Girls and I wanted a local guide and we got the best. Nepal needs our funding right now and using a local guide is the best way to go. I recommend this adventure to anyone. Hats off to Experience The Himalayas thank you for a trip of a life time. Oh one more thing stay a couple of days in Kathmandu after the trek you will not regret it.
over a month ago
Izabela Zuk
Hello, I'm not very experienced with writing reviews but I thought I will give it a try as I feel really happy and grateful having had the most amazing time while on holiday in Nepal and India. This great experience would of not been possible without great assistance from Experience The Himalayas and their wonderful employees Bijay Neupane and Tanka Gautam who was my guide up The Everest Base Camp. They went far and beyond any expectations I've had about this trip, nothing was a problem and things were organized precisely to the last smallest detail, I was impressed. Special thank you definitely goes to Tanka as he was my great companion and a very professional guide for over 2 weeks and I felt like I could not of been looked after any better! He was attentive, helpful, caring and most of all absolutely fantastic company on what were sometimes long trekking days. You could not of asked for more, it was all there. Thank you. Bijay organized absolutely everything, there was no problems whatsoever, from a pick up from the airport through feeding me this first cup of coffee after 25 hours journey to checking up on me while I was away to make sure all goes according to the plan and just being there whenever I needed any assistance. Great customer skills! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone, I had a great time and if I could, I would of done it all over again! Thank you.
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